The beauty of Mammamia is that of an emotion, a gesture a stroke.
There is a correspondence with our soul, sensibility and culture.

The awareness of a choice
of quality and of attention
to our wellbeing,
to those we love
to the environment we live in.
It is sensibility and culture,
nature and truth.
It is taste and goodness.


The organoleptic and nutritional
characteristics which guarantee
how good and how good for you
MAMMAMIA is are what give our
organism the things that our body needs:
good, energy-giving nutrients and precious
substances which can help prevent various
different diseases.
High quality extra virgin olive oil
not only satisfies us with its excellent flavour
but, when dosed rightly prolongs its virtuous
and beneficial effects on our organism.

“Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress” is the health claim approved by the European Community in the Ue 432/2012 law


Environmental sustainability is a an essential condition
in our production which in the wholeness of nature
finds its most important resource.

Each plot of land creates a long-lasting relationship
with the land and its production as well as between
cultivation and the environment and between production
and the care that goes into it. This is expressed through
the whole process right up to the use of natural powders
that make the beautiful bottles which are completely reusable.